Roberto Rosselliniwas born on the 8 May 1906, in Rome, Italy . He was immersed in the cinema from the very beginning: his father opened Italy’s first cinema and he grew up watching movies in his father’s movie-house. After an  apprenticeship as an assistant to Italian filmmakers, he his firstContinua

Martha Jane Cannary better known as Calamity Jane was born around on May 1st, 1852 in Princeton, Missouri. She is a legendary figure of the Wild West and her biography has often been changed and enriched with (arricchita) adventures and events taken from the western mythology. Nevertheless (ciononostante) Jane reallyContinua

English novelist, Anthony Trollope was born in London, on the 24th of April 1815. His father was reduced to poverty by imprudent speculation; his mother was an appreciated writer as well as (come anche) his eldest brother (fratello maggiore). Anthony , on the contrary, was quite uneducated and  spent mostContinua

The first decade of the 2000s has seen a revival or a continuation of earlier styles and trends. But this new way of looking back at old fashion designs has been translated with the word VINTAGE.  The word refers to clothes of previous period – from 1920s on. The successContinua

Fashion is now important also for children. Since the very first cartoon Walt Disney’s characters have influenced children imagination. Fashion industry introduced the possibility to make children feel (far sentire i bambini) similar to their heroes (eroi) by producing clothing inspired by the famous characters. The Golden Age of Disney’s fashionContinua

In the mid 1990s music again inspired a new fashion and way of clothing: Britpop. Britpop was part of the movement of Cool Britannia which gave new strength (forza) to optimism and faith (fiducia) in the British future. Britpop bands were influenced by British guitar music of the past –Continua

The new fashion of  the late 1980s and early 1990s was the preppy look. The word preppy derives from the American adjective  used in relation to expensive private university of  Northeastern America -preparatory schools (università private molto care). The fashion with this name is  denotes a person who has theContinua