Animal Farm revisited, chapter 3


Chapter 3

The harvest of the hay is difficult because the tools are for men and men stand on two legs. The pigs do not work; they give orders to the other animals. All the animals help one another so the harvest is anyway abundant. They work hard all summer, but they are happy because they work for themselves. Boxer in particular is a hard worker. He gets up very early in the morning and his motto is “I will work harder”. Only Mollie is unhappy: she does not get up early and leaves the fields before the others with an excuse.
The cat is never in the farm when there is work to do. She comes back for meals or at night with excuses and pouring affectionately. Old Benjamin goes out to work as before the revo­lution. He says that donkeys live long. “None of you never sees a dead donkey” and shows no enthusiasm.
On Sundays the animals do not work: they put their flag on the flagstaff and sing Beats of England.
The flag is Snowball’s creation: there are a hoof and a horn on a green tablecloth
After they meet together for a general assembly, the meeting, where they decide the work for the week.
Snowball and Napoleon never agree: they always discuss about everything. They also quarrel about the age of the animals that can stop work­ing. For them there is the little field behind the farm where to rest. The pigs live in the harness- room where they study the necessary arts to the farm. Snowball tried to organize the other animals it) Committees: a committee for hens, one for cows, another to tame rats and rabbits. The cat, too, tried to persuade the birds to stay with, her, but they did not accept… The animals learn to read and write at different levels. The pigs and the goat were good at reading. Benjamin could read, but he did not want. Clover learnt the alphabet; instead Boxer cannot go beyond A B C D; Mollie learnt to write her name. Ducks, hens and sheep could not read more than A. So, for them, Snowball reduced the seven commandments to one: ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’. The birds got angry, but Snowball explained that ‘A bird’s wing is an organ of propulsion and not of manipulation. 80 we can consider it a leg as the mark of Man is the hand’. Everybody learnt this new motto fey heart and Snowball wrote  it over the seven Commandments. The sheep liked it and often bleated “Four legs good, two legs bad”
For Napoleon the most important thing to do was the education of young people. In fact he educated nine little dogs far from the other animals that soon forgot them.
The animals showed their disapproval when they knew that milks and good apples were for the pigs only, but Squealer explained: ‘We pigs are work­ing so much for you that we must eat to preserve our health. Apples and milk help us to organize this farm. And if we fail Mr. Jones will come back. Do you want him again?”
The animals were sure they did not want Mr. Jones again and agreed that the pigs had to eat milk and apples.