il primo capitolo delle avventure di Fabio e Maurizo per i ragazzi che vogliono iniziare a leggere in inglese

Chapter 1 – Looking for a job  (strutture: present simple, present continuous)
Fabio and Maurizio are in London with only £40. They are standing in Victoria Station. They are wondering what to do. Fabio knows the name of one hotel, The Savoy so they telephone there. A room costs £340 per night. Fabio is desperate. The station is cold and the London winter light is grey and dull. People seem not to notice the two boys with their rucksacks sitting in the corner of the busy station. Rome seems to be a long way from London. Fabio takes a decision.  “I am telephoning my mother and going back to Italy.“Oh come on,” says Maurizio. “We can manage.” (= ce la possiamo fare)  “I suppose you know a cheaper room,” shouts Fabio. “I suppose you know where two people can sleep and eat for £40 a night.”Maurizio opens his notebook. “Yes, I do. Kent Hall Hostel, £16 pounds a night. Russell Villas, £60 week with TV and fridge.”Fabio is quiet for a moment. “And a job? Where can we find a job?”
Maurizio is looking through his book.
Gainsborough Studios in Highbury,” he reads. “They publish lists of available (=disponibile) jobs every week.”
“How do you know?” asks Fabio.
“I use the Internet.”
Fabio is pleased that they have somewhere to sleep and the chance (= opportunutà) of a job.
The boys book into a cheap hostel and find work in McDonald’s at £3.00 per hour. They are delighted. From schoolboys to workers in three days. Now they work in a foreign capital and nobody helps them. Fabio doesn’t like the cold and the wet of London and he doesn’t like working in a fast food restaurant much. The worst thing of all for Fabio is that he doesn’t meet any English girl. The boys talk to girls occasionally, but the girls never talk to Fabio because he doesn’t speak much English. McDonald’s pays little and after they pay the rent(= affitto) and buy some food they don’t have any money left. Maurizio wants to save money to tour Britain so the boys don’t go to discotheques and nightclubs. Fabio often thinks to leave McDonald’s and go back to Italy until they meet Ingrid and Ute.
Ingrid and Ute are two German girls they meet on the tube. The girls are looking for work.
“ I can tell you how to get a job. Surf the Internet,” says Maurizio.
“We are working at McDonald’s fast food,” explains Fabio. “We’re looking for some new employees for our next sales campaign.”
Maurizio is staring at Fabio. “You fry chips. You’re not directing the next sales campaign.”
Just a question of definition,” smiles Fabio. “How do you say ‘Mi fai venire l’acquolina in bocca’ in English?”
“You make my mouth water,” suggests Maurizio, “But don’t say it. Ingrid’ll be angry.”
Fabio turns back to her.
“You make my mouth water, baby” he says and gives his sexy smile.
“Eat a Big Mac,” suggests Ingrid. The girls don’t want a date (=appuntamento) but they want a job. Fabio speaks to his boss and, the next day, Ingrid and Ute are serving in McDonald’s with the two Italians.