Terzo capitolo delle avventure di Fabio e Maurizio

Chapter 3- Manchester Hooligans  
(Strutture: simple present, present continuous)
The boys hitchhike to Manchester. They wait for two hours at a service station in the rain. Fabio is wearing a thin jacket. He is totally wet. He begins to get angry, very angry.
“Why didn’t we get the train?” he asks Maurizio. “You are more Genovese than Roman. You never spend a penny if it is not necessary”
Maurizio is fed up (=stufo) too, he is very cold.
“And we haven’t got anywhere to sleep,” adds Fabio, “And I do not want to go to Manchester. I want to go back to Italy.”
Finally, they get a lift (= trovano un passaggio) . A car takes them to Moss Side in the centre of Manchester. Moss Side is one of the most dangerous areas in Great Britain.
When the car stops a dirty little boy says, “Want me to keep an eye on (= vuoi che tenga d’occhio) your car, mister, for a pound?”
The driver gives the boy two pounds. He smiles at Fabio and Maurizio.
“If you don’t pay these kids to look after (=badare a) your car, they ruin it.”
Moss Side is dirty and depressing. It is three o’clock in the afternoon, but lots of men are standing on the street talking.
“Why are we here?” complains Fabio
The boys are hungry and go to a pub for lunch. Everything in the pub is blue and white. The mirrors, the carpets, the lights and the wallpaper are all blue and white.
A blue and white sign reads: 
Manchester City – The world’s Greatest Football Club. 


Several of the customers are dressed in blue and white and some of them are wearing football shirts. Everyone is drinking beer. Fabio is really excited.
“ It’s the business, Maurizio. I like this pub.”
“Let’s go somewhere else,” says Maurizio.
Fabio starts to laugh. “We want to see the real England. This is the real England, here the Italian tourists never come. Genuine, friendly, working class people drinking beer.”
“Are you looking at me, mate?” asks a man. He is about thirty-five. His arms are covered in tattoos. ’Mum’ says one, ’Death before dishonour’ says another. Fabio smiles, but this makes the man angry.
“What do you want, pal?”
“We came from Italy to pay homage to our blue and white heroes,” interrupts Maurizio.
The man relaxes
“Can I buy you a drink?” says Maurizio. The man orders a pint of brown ale and sips (= sorseggia) his beer.
Fabio whispers to Maurizio, “Don’t be afraid.”
Shut up,” hisses Maurizio. “These are dangerous, violent people. Tell him you like Manchester United and let’s get out of here.”
But it is too late. Fabio is talking to the man.
“Listen, I am a Lazio supporter. “Fans of two great clubs can shake their hands in friendship,” smiles Fabio. The man hits Fabio, only twice and Fabio goes to the floor.