Capitolo 9 : a Tintagel, la leggenda di Re Artù continua

Gon shows them the ‘King Arthur Hotel’, the ‘King Arthur Bookshop’, the ‘King Arthur Car Park’ and stops outside the ‘King Arthur’s Arms’ pub.
He looks expectant and, when Maurizio says nothing, he asks, “How do you offer someone a drink in Cornish?”
“A vynnough why cafus banna?” says Maurizio quickly.
“That is very neighbourly (=gentile), brother,” says Gon
Maurizio explains that he wasn’t actually offering Gon a drink, he was translating into the Cornish language, but he is too late. Gon has ordered a beer at the bar and tells the barman to get the money from the boys. Maurizio and Fabio sit and stare while Gon drinks.
Gon finishes the tour by taking the boys to see the remains of Tintagel castle. The ruins are high above the Atlantic. The only way to get to the castle is a high, narrow bridge. The bridge is wet and slippery (=scivoloso) . The boys can hear the waves crashing below.
“Don’t you think Tintagel is a bit commercial?” Maurizio asks Gon.
“Commercial?” repeats Gon.
“All these ‘King Arthur’ shops and pubs and…”
“Well, man, I suppose it is commercial in a way, but it’s magic. Everything to do with King
Arthur is magic. Do you know what is written on Arthur’s grave?” asks Gon solemnly.
Here lies Arthur, Britain’s once and future king’. Arthur will rise again. He rests at Glastonbury. That’s why there is the Glastonbury Festival.”
“What is the Glastonbury Festival?” asks Fabio.
“What is Glastonbury, man?” Gon explains that Glastonbury is a magic place. It is a source of primordial energy for the new age.”
“ There have been festivals since before the Druids.”
Fabio is falling asleep but he wakes up when Gon says, “Every year people go to Glastonbury to celebrate life and make love.”
“Love,” he echoes. “Mmmm.”
The boys decide to hitch hike to the Glastonbury Festival. However, Gon says he will drive them in his old microbus (=van) painted with flowers.