a Glastonbury per seguire 2 nuove avventure di Fabio e Maurizio

Chapter 10 – The journey to Glastonbury
The boys like Gon. He rages (=parla contro) about capitalism and society and he is excessively mean (=avaro) . He never spends a penny unnecessarily. He asks for money in the Cornish language so often that even Maurizio pretends he doesn’t understand.
Whenever they go to a bar or have to pay for petrol Gon says, “I have forgotten my money, man.”
However, the journey up through Cornwall and Devon to Somerset is pleasant. They sleep in the van and stop to swim in the sea. Gon knows all the cheapest places to shop. He is a good cook. He makes them elaborate vegetarian meals on a stove he keeps in the van. He is always careful to get the money for the food before they eat.
Gon likes pubs. When the boys pay for him he takes them to interesting pubs all over the West Country. When they don’t go to pubs Gon drinks home brew, beer he makes himself. It is horrible. Fabio and Maurizio cannot drink it.
Gon has been a hippie for thirty years and tells the boys stories about his youth. Gon drives slowly through the West Country to Glastonbury. The microbus is very slow: it is so old that Gon stops every 20 miles or so to let the engine cool down.
As they get nearer to Glastonbury the roads are full of cars and the cars are full of young people.
Whenever they see an old van driven by an old hippie Gon shouts, “A freakmobile, a freakmobile!”
He holds two fingers high and shouts, “Peace man.”; sometimes the drivers answers ‘Peace’ too.
Chapter 11 – Ways to get into the Festival free.
Finally the boys arrive in Glastonbury. Glastonbury Tor dominates the valley.
The ticket to enter the festival ground is fifty pounds, but Gon does not pay it.
“I don’t agree with paying, man, a festival should be free.”
Gon explains the different ways of entering Glastonbury free.
“ Method One is with sun tan lotion. “ and Gon shows a bottle of sun tan lotion to rub (=strofinare) on their arms.
At the ticket office people are queuing to pay £50. The organisers stamp (=timbrano) their arms.
“The stamp is read by an ultra violet light reader,” explains Gon. “And there is a lamp that reads the stamp.
“Put the sun tan lotion on, little brothers,” smiles Gon.
The boys stand in the queue rubbing the sun tan lotion onto their arms. Around the entrance are several big security men.
“ Let’s not bother,” whispers Fabio. “This won’t work. I don’t think Gon is very intelligent”
“No, he isn’t very intelligent about most things,” agrees Maurizio. “ But he is clever about not spending money. If there is a way to get in without paying, Gon will find it.”
Gon puts his arm under the light. There is no glow (=luccichio) because there is no stamp.
“Sorry, pal (=amico),” apologises a large security man. ”No stamp, no entrance.”
Gon smiles and shows his bottle of sun tan lotion.
“I am wearing sun tan lotion, brother, and it blocks ultra violet light.
“Pay your fifty quid like everybody else.” says the guard
The other security guards look aggressive and Gon leads the boys away.
“Will we have to pay, Gon?” asks Maurizio.
“Pay, man? Fifty pounds? No, no.” Gon stares into space.
“Maybe it is time to use plan two.”
Plan two involves the boys standing on the roof of the van and Gon driving close enough to the fence (= staccionata) to let them jump over. Plan two was a non-starter. The security men stood by the fence and waved the van away
Then Gon remembers his hippie youth.
“Listen, brothers. In 1973 I got into the festival by sneaking (=striscaindo) through a tunnel under the fence. If the tunnel is still there, brothers, we are in business.”
The little hole is still there, and five minutes later the boys are inside the Glastonbury festival.