an old – modern story, King Arthur

One of the most famous story probably belonging to Celtic times was the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

The story follows the adventures of King Uther’s son, Arthur. When King Uther’ died, Arthur was just  a baby. Merlin, the magician, gave him to Sir Hector, but Sir Hector did not know the boy’s real identity. A long period of wars started because there was not a king in the country.  So Merlin decided to put a special sword, Excalibur, into a stone and said that only the man who could take the sword out of the stone would be king.

After some time there was a tournament in London to decide the future king.  All the British knights took part in the tournament, also Sir Hector with his son Kay and his adoptive son, Arthur. Kay forgot his sword at home, so Arthur  had to look for one.  “Where can I  find  a sword at this time?” he asked himself. At last he found a sword in a rock and he pulled it out. He showed it to Sir Hector and the old man understood: Arthur was the future King of Britain.


sword: spada
stone:  rock (pietra)

tournament: competitopn, game (torneo)

pul… out:  take out  (estrarre)