il Bardo Immortale

The most famous story teller of English literature is undoubtedly William Shakespeare. He was called the Immortal Bard because he succeeded in telling stories keeping the attention of the public alive and involving people in his plots. His characters were human beings with their vices and virtues,  they could love and kill at the same time, and they could not avoid their destiny. For this reason everybody felt to be part of their lives and actions.

One of his most famous story is Romeo and Juliet (1595), rewritten also nowadays in many ways but still preserving its fascinating approach (= approccio)to human passions.
The story is simple: Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet fall in love with (= si innamorano)each other, but their families are enemies. They marry secretly with the help of Friar (= frate) Laurence. Unfortunately, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, is killed in a duel by Romeo. The prince of Verona banishes (sends away = bandisce) Romeo who, before leaving for Mantua,  spends a night with his beloved Juliet. Meanwhile Juliet’s father insists she has to (must = deve) marry the Count of Paris and Juliet, desperate, goes to Friar Laurence to get a solution. The friar gives her a potion ( mixture = pozione) that will make her seem lifeless (almost dead = senza viat) for 42 hours. Romeo comes back to Juliet and thinks she is dead, so drinks a poison (venenum = veleno). When Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead, stabs herself (kills herself with a knife = si pugnala). The two enemy families reconcile when the friar tells them the story of the two unlucky lovers.