Shakespeare in the kitchen – cakes

This  Renaissance cake recipe is taken from The Queens Closet Opened: Incomparable Secrets in Phyfick, Chyrurgery, Preferving, Candying, and Cookery by W. M., published by Nathaniel Brooks, London, 1658.
The following  recipe to make a cake have been translated into modern English and modern  is the division between ingredients and direction as well(= pure).

  • a pound of sugar finely beaten
  • four yolks (=tuorli) of eggs
  • two whites of eggs
  • one half pound of butter
  • fix spoonfuls of sweet warmed cream
  • one pound of currants
  • as much flour as will make it up

  • mix all the ingredients well together
  • make them into cakes
  • bake them in an oven; almost as hot as for manchet (= pane francese a cassetta)
  • half an hour will bake them.