ancora altre storie storiche: Bloody Mary

Mary, first daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Argon remained Catholic.
During the reign of her brother, Edward VI, England became a Protestant country, but after his early death Mary  took the power. She marched to London and removed the successor her brother had chosen, Lady Jane Grey, proclaiming herself the new Queen of England.
Mary wanted to restore the Catholic faith to the country and in 1554 she married the heir to the throne of Spain, prince Philip. Spain was an old enemy of England and the idea of an English Queen married to a Catholic Spanish prince caused social troubles. Sir Thomas Wyatt led a revolt which was  repressed. Wyatt was sent to the block (executed = mandato al ceppo) together with Lady Jane Grey.  
Mary eliminated the Protestant Laws and made Thomas Cranmer , Archbishop of Canterbury, execute together with 270 Protestant priests and followers.
For this reason she got the nickname of Bloody Mary . She was very unpopular. As her marriage was loveless and without children Philip of Spain returned home to become the King of Spain
Mary died in 1558 died without an heir: she was buried under a pile of stones. Later, the tomb of her sister Elizabeth – Elizabeth I – was built on top of her.