Elizabethan recipes



1 cup of Honey (= miele)

a generous quarter of a teaspoon of powered Ginger  (= zenzero)

a little bit of ground cloves (chiodi di garofano)

a little bit of Cinnamon (= cannella)

a little bit of ground liquorice (=liquorizia)

1 and three quarters of a cup of dry bread crumbs (=pan grattato)

1 tablespoon of anise seeds (=semi di anice)


  1. heat the honey
  2. add spices and stir (= mescola) to blend.
  3. add bread crumbs and mix thoroughly (= completamente)
  4. cover and cook over a medium heat for 15 minutes till the mixture is thick and moist (=umida)
  5. place Gingerbread on a large sheet of waxed paper (=carta per alimenti)
  6. fold up sides (=piega i lati)of paper and shape it (= dai la forma di )as a rectangle.
  7. sprinkle anise seeds on top and press them gently into dough (=impasti) with the side of the knife.
  8. cover and refrigerate for 2 hours
  9. serve ginger bread at room temperature in thin slices (=fettine).