altre storie nella storia inglese

Elizabeth and Raleigh
Sir WALTER RALEIGH was a favourite courtier of  Queen Elizabeth.
An old story tells us of the way he won her favour.
One day, as the queen and her ladies were out walking, dressed in fine robes of silk and lace (= vestiti di seta ricamati), they carne to a muddy pond (=pozza fangosa) in the road. The queen stopped disappointed (=scocciata), for (because) she did not like getting her feet wet and dirty. As she was thinking how best to step through (=scavalcare) the mud, a young man in a rich suit (= vestito da uomo) carne along the road.
Directly he saw the queen, young Raleigh, for it was he, sprang forward (= fece un balzo), and, taking off his velvet cloak (= mantello), spread it over the mud for her to walk upon.
Elizabeth was much pleased; she rewarded (= premiò) Raleigh with a post in the palace. There, one day, he wrote upon a window which he knew the queen would pass: ” Fain would I climb, but that I fear to fall” (= sono lieto di salire, ma temo di cadere). When Elizabeth saw this, she added these words: ” If thy heart fail thee, climb not at all ” (= se non ti manca il coraggio, non salire neppure). However, Raleigh did climb very soon to a high place, for he was clever and brave as well as polite (= educato), and he served the queen in many ways.
It is said that his ships first brought potatoes and tobacco to England from America, and that he was the first man in this country to smoke. One day, a servant brought a jug of ale (= caraffa di birra) into the room where Raleigh was sitting and smoking. The man was much alarmed to see smoke coming from his master’s mouth, and he quickly emptied the jug of ale over Raleigh’s head (= rovesciò la caraffa), to put out the fire (= spense il fuoco) which he thought was burning within him.