la storia di Sir Francis Drake, il pirata cavaliere

Francis Drake was born in Devonshire between 1541 and 1543. He had a poor childhood and at the age of 13 went to sea.
Over the next few years he proved to be (= fece notare le sue qualità di) an excellent sailor and soon was rewarded with two ships of his own (=sue).
Drake was given permission to attack England’s enemy, the Spanish, wherever (=ovunque) they could be found. He plundered (robbed = derubava) Spanish ships and towns and after his audacious attack on Panama city, he was the first Englishman to see the Pacific Ocean.
After a brief period of peace between Spain and England, Drake returned to the seas in his new flagship ( = nave di bandiera), the Golden Hind. He entered the Pacific Ocean and sailed up the coast of south America attacking Spanish ships along the way.
When his fleet returned to Plymouth harbour in 1580 the ships were loaded (=cariche) with Spanish gold. Queen Elizabeth I visited the Golden Hind and Drake was given a knighthood (=cavalierato) onboard the ship.
He defeated the Spanish Armada  burning the Spanish ships into the harbour of Calais.
Drake last voyage was in 1596, but after catching a fever he died in the west Indies. His body was placed in a lead casket (= cassa di piombo) and he was buried (=sepolto) at sea.