e la storia delle regine continua…

Mary Stuart, known as the Queen of Scots, was born in 1542. she was one of Henry VII’s great granddaughters, and cousin to Queen Elizabeth I of England.
Mary was a Catholic, but Scotland was a Protestant country and she found it hard to control both the Church and her nobles. After being widow (= vedova)of the Dauphin of France, and looking for help she married the vain(= vanitoso) and cruel Lord Darnley. The marriage was a disaster. Mary began to grow close (= avvicinarsi) to her young secretary David Rizio, and jealous, Darnley, had the young man brutally murdered. Lord Darnley himself died in a mysterious explosion. Soon afterwards (=dopo) and many people believed that Mary had planned (=organizzato) his death.
When the young Queen later married her new love, the Earl of Bothwell, her noblemen rebelled and imprisoned Mary in the island castle of Lochleven.
With the help of friends Mary managed (=riuscì) to escape from her rooms in the castle disguised (=travestita) as a maid and made her way to England. Queen Elizabeth was not pleased to see her young catholic rival and she imprisoned Mary in a series of remote castles. Mary’s passion for intrigue continued and many plots were discovered by Elizabeth’s agents. The English Queen was afraid to put a Catholic relative on trial (= in processo), but once a plot (= complotto) was revealed involving the murder of Elizabeth and an invasion from Spain, Mary’s fate was sealed. (=segnato).
Mary was executed at FortherinhayCastle in 1587. She had been a captive in Britain for 19 years. 
after her execution it was discovered that Mary was wearing a large red wig (= parrucca)