una storia divertente sul fantasma di Barbanera

Blackbeard’s Ghost, a book by by Ben Stahl and a film by  Walt Disney
Steve Walker gets to the seacoast town of Godolphin, North Carolina where he is the new  track coach (= allenatore di atletica) at the local college. The night of his arrival coincides with a charity bazaar (= vendita di beneficenza) at Blackbeard’s Inn, a hotel run by the elderly (old = anziane) descendants of the pirate’s crew (= ciurma). Steve has a room in the inn and the owners tells me that they have difficulty in paying the mortgage  (= ipoteca) that the local crime boss, Silky Seymour is asking. He wants  to build a casino on the land. Steve soon  becomes friend of  a pretty colleague , Jo Anne Baker, who would like to help the ladies and save the Inn. At the charity auction Steve wins an antique bed warmer (= scaldaletto), once owned by the wife of Captain Blackbeard, a witch (= strega)  very similar to Jo Anne. Inside this bed warmer is hidden a book of magic spells (= incantesimi). Steve recites one as a joke, and the ghost of Blackbeard appears: he is a drunkard (= ubriacone) whose wife cursed (= maledetto)him to an existence in limbo unless he can do a good action.
Blackbeard and Steve are linked to one another by the spell and only Steve can see or hear the ghost. So Steve must deal with Blackbeard,  train the weak (= debole) Godolphin’s track team and form a relationship with Jo Anne. Things get more complicated when the pirate steals one of the Inn‘s mortgage payments and bets (= scommette) it on Steve’s track team. Blackbeard’s intention is to use his ghostly powers to help Godolphin win and pay the mortgage. Steve at first refuse Blackberad’ help, then he understands that  the greater good is to help the old ladies,  save the inn and ruin Silky Seymour. Of course the end is happy: the mortgage is  paid, the inn is saved, Blackbeard is released from the curse and goes to join his former crew, Steve and Jo Anne can  pursue their future together.