a woman on board!… un’altra donna pirata.

Another woman appears on a pirate ship: she is the protagonist of Cutthroat Island, a film released in 1995, 
from the homonymous novel by John Gregory Betancourt, Robert King, Marc Norman and  Michael Frost Beckner (the script writer of CSI).
The story takes place in the year  1668, in the Caribbean sea. The pirate Morgan Adams and her educated slave, William Shaw are looking for the three pieces of a treasure map. The treasure is hidden on the mysterious Cutthroat Island. They have already got two parts of the map, the third is  in the hands of Morgan Adams’s villainous (bad = cattivo) uncle, Douglas “Dawg Brown” Adams. He had  the murdered her father Henry “Black Harry” Adams together with her uncles Richard and Mordecai “Fingers” Adams. Her crew is sceptical  of Morgan’s abilities (capacities = capacità) as ship captain and they want to  mutiny (= ammutinarsi) against her. Besides the  Governor Ainslee of the Royal Navy from Jamaica is making his best (to make one’s best = fare del proprio meglio)to make Morgan Adams’s piratical career (= carriera da pirata) end. Fights and battles go on till Morgan succeed in getting (= riesce ad ottenere, succeed in + ing form) the missing (= mancante)  part of the map. Meanwhile a British journalist writes the story for the ‘penny press’.