food in the early English colonies

The first Thanksgiving day dates back to a 1621 meeting between  Native American Indians and Anglo settlers (=coloni) from Plymouth, an early Colonial America settlement. The pioneers had left England for America in 1620 because  they were persecuted as Puritans.
During the meeting both British and native Americans enjoyed the harvest (=raccolto) foods of September

The Indians brought some of the foods they grew and the white settlers brought foods that were more common in England. They ate wild game (=selvaggina), corn and vegetables and drank ale and brandy. Surprisingly both the colonisers and the Indians did not know potatoes, tea or coffee.

The Indians made the pioneers know turkey (= tacchino) which Benjamin Franklin proposed to consider the national bird under Benjamin Franklin’s proposal. Besides they ate stuffing, a combination of cornbread (=pane di granoturco), green onions, chicken soup (=zuppa di pollo), parsley (prezzemolo) and other spices which soon  became as traditional as turkey.