Pioneers and Indians…le prime storie su pionieri e Indiani d’America

The first American settlers were called Old Comers or First Comers, only in the 18th century they started being called Pilgrims, just more than a century after the first Thanksgiving.
Unlikely the usual stories with the descriptions of Indians and pioneers, they Indians wore ( wear, wore, worn: indossare) modest clothing without the big headdresses of feathers (= copricapi di piume) and the settlers did not have the big black hats with buckles (=fibbie) and the blunderbusses, the muskets with large-mouth barrels .

The Indians lived in tenets and the settlers lived in wooden frame houses.
The feast of the Thanksgiving was a spontaneous celebration: there was no official proclamation for the first Thanksgiving and the Indians weren’t invited to give “thanks” but simply to enjoy the September harvest (=raccolto). Thanksgiving was proclaimed as a feats in 1676 and became a national holiday only in 1863 thanks to President Abraham Lincoln who signed a proclamation which formally established the 4th Thursday of November as the national day to give thanks.