The first American settlers were called Old Comers or First Comers, only in the 18th century they started being called Pilgrims, just more than a century after the first Thanksgiving.Unlikely the usual stories with the descriptions of Indians and pioneers, they Indians wore ( wear, wore, worn: indossare) modest clothingContinua

The first Thanksgiving day dates back to a 1621 meeting between  Native American Indians and Anglo settlers (=coloni) from Plymouth, an early Colonial America settlement. The pioneers had left England for America in 1620 because  they were persecuted as Puritans. During the meeting both British and native Americans enjoyed the harvestContinua

Pocahontas is the nickname of   Matoaka,  the beautiful and lively daughter of Powhatan, chief of that part of America the English then called Virginia. The meaning of Pocahontas is  little wanton (= scatenata) as she was  hard to control. When she was born, her mother went  to her own village Continua

The story of American literature: the very beginningFrom the beginning America was unique in the diversity of its inhabitants arrived from all parts of the world, however (= comunque) English quickly became the official language, and regional and ethnic dialects enriched (= arricchirono) its literature.When European explorers first came toContinua

SANGUISUGHE di Mario Giordano Prezzo:  EUR 12,03 leggi articolo IL VITALIZIO DEI TROMBATI: 6.500 EURO NETTI A PISANU, 6MILA EURO NETTI A D’ALEMA. E D’ANTONI SI PRENDE LA SECONDA PENSIONE   C’è il pensionato Inps più ricco d’Italia: 90.000 euro al mese. C’è l’onorevole che è stato in Parlamento un soloContinua

Copertina:EUR 16,00 Prezzo: EUR 14,40 Risparmi: EUR 1,60 Dalla terra alla luna. Il progetto Apollo 40 anni dopo DALLA TERRA ALLA LUNA di Umberto Guidoni “Sugli schermi delle televisioni di tutto il mondo, due uomini saltellano goffamente come in una strana danza. L’intero pianeta sembra quasi trattenere il respiro mentreContinua