Celtic fashion – come vestivano i Celti

The men wore trousers or brags (bracae for the Romans) in many forms. They could be tight fitting and extending just over the knee and  were adopted by the Roman legions which called them ‘femoralia’. Others were looser fitting with feet in them or secured at the ankles (=caviglie) with the strips (=lacci) from their shoes. The trousers either had a tie (= corda) at the waist (=vita) or had belt loops (=cincture).  Shirts were either the basic t-tunic type or sleeveless (=senza maniche).
Cloaks were rectangular or ovoid; the oval ones were made on the loom (=telaio). Some Roman depictions show Celtic men wearing caps and hats.
Shoes for the most part were one piece leather or made of straw.
Women usually wore narrow tunic or chiton. In some tribes they used to wear white  tunics with purple embroidery.  Another form of clothing was the short tunic inserted into a long skirt.
Celtic people were skilful (=abili) weavers (= tessitori) and they made their own clothes. Usually they also dyed (= tingere) them with lively and bright colours. Continental Celtic clothing was made of wool (= lana)or linen (=lino) with occasional references to silk (=seta) . As they became more Romanized, luxury fabrics (= tessuti di lusso) increased (=aumentarono).
Celtic people loved ornaments. They had great quantities of gold and used it for decorations. They wore golden bracelets, necklaces and rings. The torque was one of their most important ornaments and was made of bronze or gold.