i Celti e la “moda” in battaglia

Many Roman historians give a full description of the Celts at war. 

At first (= dapprima) the Romans were frightened (scared = spaventati) by Celtic people: they were very tall, pale (white = pallidi) and blond. They looked very different from Mediterranean people. Most of them had no beard (=barba), the nobles had big moustache (= baffi). 

They  combed (= si pettinavano) their hair in an unusual way, like an horse mane(= criniera) because they washed it with water and lime (= calce)…like rastas nowadays. In some tribes they had knots (= chignon) on their heads to look taller. They tried to keep them fit (= mantenersi in forma) in battle, in time of peace they ate and drank a lot.

In battles most of the tribes fought naked (= nudi), only with their arms. Others wore trousers and light cloaks (= mantelli) because they did not want to be obstacles by clothes during the battle.

Their bodies and faces were painted with tattoos, usually blue tattoos because they made them with berries (=bache). Their favourite figures were owls (= gufi) and horses. 
The bravest warriors wore a particular necklace (=collana) – a torque–  around their neck.