the Norman conquest – a new fashion

Fashion changed slowly in Medieval times.
The Normans imported into Britain a new hairstyle: short hair and beard for men, long hair in plaits (= trecce), covered by a cloth (= tessuto) and hidden under a hood (= cappuccino) for women.  
Men , while travelling, wore hooded fur cloaks (= matelli)  and pointed (= a punta)  hat and  cloth bound (= legati con stoffa) leggings. Their shoes were quite decorative.
Rich lords wore a tunic, with a super tunic worn over the top. Their cloaks were  fastened with a brooch (= spilla).

The lady’s veil and wimple (= sciarpa ricamata) was a fashion brought back from the first of the Crusades (battles to free the Christian Holy Places in Palestine). Women’s dresses were probably fastened (= allacciati) with bottons down the side (= al fianco) as it was considered the height of fashion to wear clothes fitting at the top.