the story of American newspapers – come si spargevano le notizie nelle colonie?

When English people colonized America, they brought with them their traditions and customs. The coffee houses were among them: their role was the same as those in England, they soon  became the centre where people could talk about  business and cultural news . An example? The Tontine Coffee House (1792) in New York was the original location for the New York Stock Exchange (= la Borsa )

As to newspapers, the first publication appeared in Boston in 1690 when  Benjamin Harris published Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick. The editor’s intention was to publish a weekly newspaper, but after one edition (September 25, 1690) the government suppressed it. On April 24, 1704, the  John Campbell, a bookseller and postmaster (= direttore di ufficio postale) of Boston was allowed to publish The Boston News-Letter. It was  the first continuously published weekly newspaper in the colonies, even if with a limited circulation. Originally, it consisted of a single page printed on both sides and dealt mainly with the British political intrigues, and the details of European wars.
A great event reported was the pirate Blackbeard’s (= pirata Barbanera) capture (1718) during a direct combat on a ship which he was trying to rob.

The following editor was Bartholomew Green (1722) who focused more on domestic events. After his death in 1732 , with his son, John Draper,  the paper was made of four pages and started reporting  about news from all  the colonies.