the story of The Castle of Otranto – una storia di misteri ambientata in Italia

The story of the first Gothic novel by Horace Walpole – The Castle of Otranto (1764) – is about Manfred, the tyrannical Prince  of Otranto. On his son Conrad’s wedding day (= giorno delle nozze) , a giant helmet appears in the sky and crashes Conrad in the courtyard. Manfred decides to divorce his wife and marry Isabel, Conrad’s fiancé, in order to have an heir (= erede) and continue controlling his realm (= reame). But Isabella escapes to Father Jerome with the help of Theodore, a handsome young peasant (= contadino).  Father Jerome soon discovers that the young man is really his natural son  from a birthmark (= segno di nascita) on Theodore’s neck. He was  born before Father Jerome entered the priesthood (= prendesse gli ordini)  when he was the prince of Falconara. Later, the giant form the martyred rightful (= di diritto) prince Alfonso appears to proclaim  Theodore’ right of succession, and then ascends to Heaven. Manfred and his wife enter separate convents. Theodore marries Isabella and rules Otranto as prince.