Ann Radcliffe – The Mysteries of Udolpho

Ann Radcliffs The Mysteries of Udolpho is  about the adventures of Emily St. Aubert, the only child of a rural landowner family (= famiglia di possidenti di campagna) in decline. After her mother’s death Emily and her beloved father engage (= iniziano) a long journey  from their native Gascony, through the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean coast of Roussillon, where they can admire the natural landscapes (= paesaggi) they both appreciate so much. During the journey, they meet a handsome man, Valancourt that  shares (= condivide) their love for nature.  Emily and Valancourt soon fall in love with each other. Unfortunately Emily’s father dies and Emily,   now alone, must go to live with her aunt (= zia), Madame Cheron, who does not feel affection to her (= che non sente affetto per lei). Her aunt marries Montoni, an ambiguous Italian nobleman who would like Emily to get engaged (= si fidanzasse) to his friend Count Morano. But when he finds out that Morano is practically ruined he brings Emily and his wife to his remote (= lontano) castle of Udolpho. Emily is now afraid she cannot see Valancourt any longer (= non più). Morano  finds Emily  and tries to convince her to follow him, but she refuses. Montoni discovers and wounds (= ferisce) Morano while he is trying to escape. Then Montoni starts to terrorize his wife : he wants her to change her will (= testamento) in his favour, otherwise (= altrimenti) her fortune would go to Emily. But Madame Cheron dies without signing (= firmare) the new will. After many frightening (=spaventose) adventures in the castle, Emily succeed in (= riesce) escaping thanks to the help of Du Pont, who secretly loves her and who was a prisoner at Udolpho, and the servants Annette and Ludovico. Emily goes back to her aunt’s estate (= proprietà terriera), she learns (= viene a sapere)  that Valancourt is ruined, but she takes control of her aunt’s properties and joins him(= si unisce a lui).