end of the 18th century – moda uomo

Men’s fashion was based on  waistcoats (= panciotti) and stockings (= calze) as the previous (= precedente) decades.  
They used to wear thigh (= stretti) coats made of plain cloth (= tessuto semplice) with embellishments (= abbellimenti) on the edges (= bordi). The breeches (= calzoni da cavallerizzo) were tight and fasten (= legati) below the knee. The shirt had frills (= balze) at the cuff (=polsino). Around the neck there was a knotted muslin (= nodo di mussola) or lace cravat (= cravattino di pizzo).
Towards the end of the century the coat had curving tails (= code ricurve). The waistcoat was  below the waist and the breeches were longer and tighter than before. They used to wear a band collar (= fascia) and a rather stiff  cloth (= pezzo di stoffa rigido) instead of a cravat. Embroidery and trimming (= ornamenti e merletti) were used only on very formal occasions.
Powdered wigs (= parrucche) tied at the back (= legata sul dietro)were worn only for ceremonies. 

example of breeches