la storia un uomo che segnò la moda – Lord Brummell

George Bryan Brummel, better known as  Beau Brummell (1778 –1840), became famous for his elegance and good manners (= buone maniere) in Regency England, under the reign of King George IV.

He was not of aristocratic birth (= nascita), but his life style was upper class. He was the son of Lord North’s private secretary (1770-82).  Lord North was George III’s prime minister whose role (= il cui ruolo) was fundamental in the American Revolution. Brummel was educated first at Eton then in Oxford. He distinguished (= si distinse)  for his wit (= sagacia).  He joined the army (= si arruolò) (1794), became captain of the Tenth Hussar and soon a close friend (= amico intimo) to the Prince Regent ( the future George IV). This relationship and his way of clothing made him very famous and admired, a sort of authority  as to dress and etiquette. He left the army when the Napoleonic Wars were beginning (1798) and inherited (= ereditò)  from his father a small fortune. In London he got fame (= conquistò fama) as an exceptional story teller (= raccontatore di storie) and conversationalist. Unfortunately his money ran out very  quickly (= dissipò il denaro molto velocemente)because of his life style and he soon lost his high-placed (= altolocati) friends. Brummel was forced (= costretto) to leave England for France (1816) to escape prison for debts (= debiti). But he struggled (= combatté) with debts in France as well (= pure) and was arrested. Out of prison he had lost his interest in clothes. He died in an the Asylum (= manicomio) du Bon Sauveur, a mendicant hospital for the insane (= pazzi)  in Caen in 1840.

The fashion he established was very simple and sober (= sobria) : dark suits (= vestiti scuri), full-length trousers ( = pantaloni lunghi) – opposed to knee breeches (= calzone attillati fino al ginocchio) – and an elaborately knotted cravat (= sciarpetta annodata eleganntemente intorno al collo).  He  believed in less bright colours ( = colori poco brillanti). 
His figure owns fame ( = deve la sua fa ma)also to two  popular  film both entitled  Beau Brummell and both  based on the play Beau Brummell by Clyde Fitch:  a silent film, shot in 1924 directed by Harry Beaumont  starring John Barrymore as Brummel; and its remake in 1954,  directed by Curtis Bernhardt, starring  stars Stewart Granger as Beau Brummell, Elizabeth Taylor, and Peter Ustinov as the Prince of Wales. The music score (= il sottofondo musicale) was by Richard Addinsell with Miklós Rózsa.