American Indian clothing – prima della colonizzazione gli indiani vestivano così

In most tribes, Native American men wore breechclouts or breechcloths (fig.) : it was a  long rectangular piece of cloth put over a belt (= cintura) , so that the flaps fell down in front and behind. In colder climates it  had attached leather (= pelle) leggings (= fig.) .
In some tribes men wore a short kilt or fur (= di pelliccia)  trousers. They did not usually wear shirts, but Plains Indian warriors wore special buckskin (= pelle di un tipo di cavallo) war shirts decorated with ermine tails (= code di ermellino), hair (= capelli) , and intricate decorations made of bead (= perline).
Native American women wore skirts (= gone) and leggings, with different design, and material (= stoffa)  according to the tribe. In some tribes women wore coats (= giacconi) instead of shirts , in others they wore tunics (= tuniche)  or mantles (= mantelli)  in public. The Cheyenne women used to wear  a dress.
Most tribes used cloaks (= mantelli)  in colder weather, except the northern tribes that wore fur parkas instead and most of them wore  moccasin, a strong leather shoe  or mukluk, that was a heavier boot (= stivale) even though the style varied from tribe to tribe.