uniformi americane – American Revolution

On March 23, 1779, the Continental Congress, authorized Commander in Chief (= comandante in capo) George Washington to fix the colours and cut (= taglio) of the uniforms of the troops during the American Revolution (1775 – 1783).

Blue was  the basic colour for all with distinctive differences in linings (= interni)  and facings (=risvolti) for the various regiments and states.  

For artillery and artillery artificer regiments, the uniform was blue, lined (= con interni)  and faced (= con risvolti)  with scarlet (= scarlatto), with yellow buttons (=bottoni;  the coats  were edged (= bordati) , and the buttonholes (= asole dei bottoni) were bound (= rinforzati) with narrow lace (= stringa) or tape (= nastri).

Light dragoons (= dragoni leggeri) uniform was blue lined with white, with white buttons.

Infantry regiments (= fanteria) wore blue coats lined and faced  with white, with white buttons, the colours of the facings veried according to the states.

The field dress (= uniforme di battaglia) of almost the entire army was the  rifle dress or hunting frock (= giacca da caccia). It was made of deer leather (= pelle di daino), linen (=lino), or homespun (= tessuto fatto in casa), dyed (= tinto) in various colours – tan (= marrone chiaro), green, blue, yellow, purple (= viola), black or white.  Some had capes (= cappe)  of different colours.
They also wore long leggings or overalls (= salopette), made of linen (= lino) or duck (= tela) undyed (= stinti) , or of deer leather (= pelle di daino), in wool (= lana) for the winter. They were fastened (= attaccati) at the ankle (= calcagno) with four buttons and a strap (= chiusura a strappo) under the shoe.

American troops had anyway many problems as to (= per ciò che riguarda) clothing such as the lack (= mancanza) of supplies of cloth  (= furniture di stoffa) and their the distribution. Besides they preferred not be confused with British soldiers and tried to disguise (= travestirsi) themselves.