la moda a metà 1800 – ladies

In the 1850s, the skirts began even larger.  They had usually  three levels of flounces (= balze; deep ruffles), very tight at the top (= strette in cima). In 1856 it was introduced a steel cage crinoline (= gabbia di acciaio).
The bodice ( =corpetti) were fastened (= legati) in back  with hooks (= ganci) and eyes (= occhielli) or in front over a chemisette. The sleeves (= maniche) were  bell-shaped or pagoda (= a forma di campana o a pagoda) over false under- sleeves of cotton or linen, trimmed in lace (= con ornamenti in pizzo).   
Evening dresses were very low-necked (= scollati) , falling off the shoulders (= ricadenti sulle spalle), and had short sleeves.
Pantalettes(= mutandoni)  were essential under this new fashion for modesty’s sake (= per amor di modestia)
When ladies go out, they wore cape-like jackets ( giacchette col cappuccino) over the very wide skirts or Indian shawls (= sciualli di foggiaIndiana).  
Riding habits (= abiti da cavallo) were made of : fitted jackets (= giacchette aderenti) with tight sleeves (= maniche strette) , collared shirt or chemisette, long skirts and  mannish top hats (= cappelli a tuba da uomo).
Hairstyle (= la capigliatura) was simple: middle parted (= riga in mezzo) and in a bun (= chignon) or braid (= treccia) at the back, or over the ears; curls (= ricci) on both sides of the face.