un famoso impermeabile – Macintosh

Charles Macintosh created his first raincoat in 1923 and soon it was named after him.

The raincoat was made from rubberised or rubber (= gomma) laminated material (= materiale gommoso o laminato in gomma)

In 1830 the Macintosh company merged (= si fuse) with the clothing company of Thomas Hancock in Manchester. They started producing every kind of coat with rubberized material including riding coats (= vestiti per andare a cavallo).

The British Army, British Railways and UK police forces used the Macintosh.

 The first models were quite smelly (= puzzolenti) , and stiff (= rigidi); sometimes they also melt (= si scioglievano) in hot weather, but Hancock solved the problems vulcanizing(= trattando con un procedimento a caldo) rubber in 1843.