la moda che corrisponde ad un’idea – le suffragette

At the beginning of the 20th century, the suffragette movement started showing their ideas. 
And like any form of social rebellion they had their colours and their “fashion” to represent their mission. 
The Suffragettes used three colours: purple,  that meant freedom and dignity, white symbolized purity and green hope. Their gemstones (pietre preziose) were amethyst, moonstone or emerald. Gold, white metal and violet were also used for their initials – G, W and V :  Give Women Votes
Their clothing was plain, simple and practical in dark colours because they wanted to show the seriousness of their purpose (scopo). They wore three-quarter length straight coats (cappotti dritti a tre quarti) , their blouses (camicette) had a small upright collar (colletto rigido) and the sleeves (maniche) had  tight cuffs (polsini rigidi).
The boots were black laced and  the hats followed a  cloche style (a campana)
Sometimes sympathizers of the suffragette movement wore a lapel button (un bottone sul risvolto)