the lost world – il mondo perduto

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also wrote stories about impossible journeys into far away worlds.
 The character protagonist of these adventures is Professor Challenger. Quite different from Sherlock Holmes, he is an arrogant and aggressive figure. Sherlock and Challenger only share the art of deduction to solve  mysteries and to support their ideas. As his name suggests, Challenger is a scientist who challenges (sfida) everything and everybody to find confirmations to his studies. In The Lost World he discovers a place on the Amazon rivers where primitive animals and tribes still live and fight.
 The only person able to dominate him is his wife.
Like Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger was based on a real person — in this case, a professor of physiology named William Rutherford who had lectured at the University of Edinburgh while Conan Doyle studied medicine.
His adventures inspired many classics of the genre, including The Lost World by Michael Chriton, Jurassic Park and the film Alien by James Cameron