perchè Alice?

The sources of Alice in Wonderland are mainly autobiographical. 
 Alice was published in 1865, three years after the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and the Reverend Robinson Duckworth rowed in a boat up the River Thames with the three young daughters of Henry Liddell, (the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University and Dean of Christ Church). During the trip the Reverend Dodgson told the girls a story about a bored little girl named Alice looking for an adventure. The girls liked it and he began noting down the manuscript of the story the next day.
While writing he also researched natural history for the animals presented in the book, had the book examined by other children, and then he added his own illustrations but approached John Tenniel to illustrate the book for publication.
The “Rabbit Hole,” symbolizes the stairs in the back of the main hall in Christ Church and, in Ripon Cathedral, where Carroll’s father was a canon, there was the carving of a griffon and rabbit
In 1864 gave Alice the handwritten manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, with illustrations by Dodgson himself, dedicating it as “as Christmas gift to a dear child in memory of a summer’s day”.

Movies and cartoons have been made from the novel: in 1951 Walt Disney created the cartoon  Alice in Wonderland ; in 2010 Tim Burton shot Alice an adaptation from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass.