la moda del Grande Gatsby – 1920s

Ralph Laurent created  the costumes for the 1974 film The Great Gatsby, taken from Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same title (1925).  Daisy Buchanan, the main female character in The Great Gatsby was part of those young socialites living on Long Island in the 1920s. Their lifestyle was eccentric and extravagant; they cared more about their perfect good looks and free time, than on the rising social problems which will lead to the great and crucial financial breakdown of 1929.

Daisy  wore  curly, cropped ( legati) fair hair , dusty-rose-colored lips (labbra dal colore rosa polvere) and cheeks (guance) which conveyed (davano) a dreamy effect to her character.

Women dresses of the 1920s – as The Great Gatsby shows – had often a straight, shift style, (avevano una linea sciolta, dritta)with a dropped waist (vita bassa) .  Skirts (le gonne)  often had asymmetrical or handkerchief hems (bordi fatti a foulard) . and the hats were very important! Cloches and wide brimmed were popular. The most popular colors for spring and summer  wee purple, fuschia, brick, biscuit, powder  (polvere) blue and green, hydrangea (ortensia)pink and blue. As embellishments  (abbellimenti) , the  new trimmings (accessory) were flowers, feather fancies (fantasia di piume), grosgrain ribbon (nastri di grosgrain), ornaments of crystal, or stones.