un viaggio nell’antico Egitto

Bram Stoker also revived the old myth and fear of the mummy.….He wrote  The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903) at a time when the trade in Egyptian antiquities was widespread (diffuso)  in England.
It is about an Egyptologist who was investigating the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Queen, Tera. His But the finding of the  tomb corresponds to  his daughter Margaret’s birth (nascita)  and, at the same time, at his wife’s death. Then, when he moved the mummy to England, his daughter became possessed (posseduta) and he fell into a trance. It would be up to Malcolm Ross, in love with Margareth,  to try to save them both.
In the closing scenes (scena finale) of the novel Tera resurrects. This event emphasizes the idea of the promised return of the absent mother, here represented by an Egyptian Mummy.