gli anni 30 – una moda sobria

Women’s fashion in the 1930s was more conservative and more feminine.

New synthetic materials like  rayon started being used instead of cotton and wool,  and , at the end of the decade, nylon was introduced as a replacement for silk.
Dresses were bias-cut (tagliati di sbieco) to emphasize feminine curves.

On October 24, 1929, Wall Street crashed and the Great Depression influenced a lot  women’s fashion: most women bought  fewer new clothes. In the 1920s women used to change clothes during the day according to the activity of the moment. During Depression they started wearing one dress only – except on formal occasions.

Skirts: mid-calf length for daytime, they softly widened (si ampliavano) from the hip (fianco) , accentuated a slim waist  (vista) without emphasizing the hips. for the evening skirts were simply long, sometimes with ruffle (pieghettature) .

Sleeves(maniche): only  occasionally  puffed, (a sbuffo); sometimes with ruffles. Shoulders  were large to emphasises the slim waist (vita stretta).

Necklines (collo):  mainly crossover (incrociati)and v-necks (con scollo a V) with ruffles, or lace (pizzo)

Women in business wore tailored  suits (vestiti tailleur) , fitted coats (cappotti su misura), with a masculine look