Twiggy  In  1960s fashion broke the past tradition totally.  It mirrored the social  movements which were starting in the period.  The new trends included culottes, bikinis, mini-skirts, gogo-boots  and pillbox hats.  Fashion started being dictated by young people and the capital of fashion designers moved from Paris to London.  In BritainContinua

Virginia Woolf, in  the novel Mrs. Dalloway (1925),  introduces the character of  Clarissa Dalloway, wife of Richard Dalloway (member of Parliament). For  only about  15 hours, from nine o’ clock in the morning when she goes to buy some flowers for her party, until the early hours of the next day, whenContinua

                                                    Statue of James Joyce in Dublin  James Joyce set his main works in Dublin, his birthplace (luogo di nascita). In the Dubliners (1914) theContinua

In the late 1800s and the 1900s there was an explosion in the number of novels  and in authors’ choice (scelta) of subject matters (argomento), as well as (come pure) a broad (vasta) experimentation with language and point of view. A major theme of British novels in the 20th centuryContinua

                                            In the 1950 was born the ready to wear industry (moda pronta). The fabrics(tessuti)  were mainly synthetic (Nylon, Crimplene or Polyester and Orlon) , easy to wash, they tailoredContinua