fashion – 1950s, nuove icone di stile


In the 1950 was born the ready to wear industry (moda pronta). The fabrics(tessuti)  were mainly synthetic (Nylon, Crimplene or Polyester and Orlon) , easy to wash, they tailored well (si adattavano bene). Besides, more elegant,  there were velvet , tulle , organdy , chiffon and cotton lace (pizzo di cotone)
Women Coats were usually three-quarter length (a tre quarti) . Very fashionable was the swing coat (cappotto largo che si muove seguendo la figura), created by Jacques Fath at the end of the 1940s: it was useful to cover full, large skirts and pregnancy  (stato di gravidanza). For the evening bolero jacket were very fashionable.  . 

Famous and important women or actress  became icons for designers. The Chanel Suit was a very important part of 1950s fashion  also thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy

Trousers (pantaloni) became  more feminine and cigarette pants were really trendy like Capri pants, mid calf pants  (pantaloni a metà polpaccio)in bright colours. Other trends were Toreador pants, Motor scooter slacks, Calypso pants and pirate pants.

But what really characterized the period was the Circle Skirt worn by teenagers with many petticoats
(sottogonne) underneath, often homemade (fatte in casa) and hand decorated (decorate a mano) with appliqués. 

And over the skirt? A cardigan or  the twin set.