LONDON 1960s, la trascinante Londra

15 April 1966 – Time magazine – London: the Swinging City
London in the 1960s meant fashion, music, change.

The two main factors which influenced this remarkable metamorphosis from a gloomy (oscura) capital after the war to a bright (luminoso) centre of style were youth and money .

The baby boom of the 1950s  had brought a younger population and the abolition of the National Service (servizio militare) in 1960s brought more freedom and fewer responsibilities . 
Moreover Londoners’ incomes (guadagni) increased and they could spend more. 
Young people rebelled with their music, fashion, design; they refused anything  which recalled (richiamava) the post-War gloom.

The capital of fashion became Carnaby Street, in the centre of  London, near Soho

The new icons of style were Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy.

London became known as Swinging London. (Londra vivace, trascinante)