1970s – rock fashion

Like the 1960s also the mid 70s were influenced by music. This trend was called Glam Rock Style. British and American fashion were influenced by glam (affascinanti) rock stars such as David Bowie, Roxy Music, and Marc Bolan. They were extravagantly dressed with  glitters (lustrini). Trousers were  high-waisted (vita alta), jeans were usually  decorated with rhinestones (strass), lamé and antique; dressed were made of velvet, the hot pants were made of  satin. On some occasions women also wore ostrich- feather boas (boa con piume di struzzo) over their shoulders (spalle) or on their heads (teste) and  short, imitation rabbit-fur jacket (giacchette di finto coniglio).Men often wore lamé suits, as well, and  the astronaut-style was in vogue (di moda). Platform (scarpe con la zeppa anche davanti) shoes became the style for both men and women.