il ritorno alla natura – Into the Wild

Other authors followed Jack London’s example. Among them, a contemporary is Jon Krakauer (1954 -). American writer and mountaineer (scalatore), well-known for outdoor and mountain-climbing writing (scritti su scalate e vita nella natura), Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild in 1996. The book tells the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young man from a wealthy (benestante) East Coast family who, after graduating from college (aver preso la laurea), gave  all his money to charity (in carità), called himself (si fece chiamare) Alexander Supertramp (tramp: vagabondo), and left his family to travel in the American West. Two years and four months later, his decomposed body was found dead in the Alaska wilderness (posto selvaggio). In the book, Krakauer draws parallels (traccia un parallelo) between his own experiences and motivations and those of the protagonist of his book. Into The Wild was adapted into a film in 2007 by Sean Penn.