gli anni ’80 – Flashdance fashion

The American film Flashdance  directed by Adrian Lyne appeared in the cinemas in 1983 and immediately marked the epitome (epitome) of 1980s fashion. As soon as the movie was released (venne proiettato), women followed the style of Alex, the eighteen-year-old weller (saldatrice) who works in a steel mine (acciaieria) in Pittsburg and who has only a passion: dancing. Women started wearing oversized sweatshirts (maglioni enormi), sometimes showing one shoulder (una spalla), sometimes over a top or a bodysuit (body da ginnastica)or leotards, a unisex skin-tight one-piece garment (tutina da ginnastica artistica) – and leggings, leg warmers (scaldamuscoli) or very tight (molto stretti) jeans. This apparel (modo di vestirsi) pivoted around (ruotava intorno)  dancewear and activewear (stile sportivo).