1980s – la moda viene dalla TV

Fashion in the 1980s was strictly linked (strettamente legata) to cinema and TV series. While Flashdance (1983) marked a turning point (segnò una svolta) for women clothing, TV movies like Miami Vice and Magnum PI paved the way (spianarono la via) to new styles for men. In Miami Vice Don Johnson –  who acted (recitava) as leading man (protagonista)-  wore casual T-shirts under expensive jackets (giacche). The  T-shirts were usually in bright (luminosi) or pastel colours whereas (mentre) the jackets had wide, padded shoulders (spalline larghe). In the TV series Magnum P.I , Tom Selleck – the leading actor – used to wear coloured and flowery (a fiori)  Hawaiian shirts (camice). The coats were sports (sportive) and the jackets were usually gray, tan (marroni) or white. Curdoroy (velluto a coste) and suede (pelle di camoscio) jackets were also in fashion together with cowboy boots  (stivali) for the western fashion lovers (amanti della moda western).