i mecenati del 20° secolo – la famiglia Stein

Getrude Stein and her brothers, Michael and Leo, belonged to (appartenevano) a wealthy (benestante) Pittisburg family who moved to (si trasferì) France after making a great fortune (fortuna in denaro) with Omnibus Railway and Cable Company in San Francisco (società di comunicazioni). These young Americans, well-bred (ben allevati) and well-educated (colti), were attracted by Europe, by old and new art, and rented (affittarono) houses both in Italy and France. In 1903 Leo Stein bought his first work by Paul Cezanne, When Gertrude joined him (si unì) in Paris at 27 Rue de Fleurus, she soon befriended (divenne amica) to Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso and  became a passionate collector (collezionista) of their works. In the decade between 1904 and1914, Gertrude and her brothers were the most active and important experts of Parisian avant-garde, fauvism and cubism and promoted an outstanding exhibition (promossero un’incredibile mostra di pittura) at Paris’ Grand Palais. In 1910 Rue de Fleurus became the centre of arts and artist. Particularly, on Saturday evenings, painters like Matisse and Picasso themselves (stessi) could be found there. Soon the two painters started an artistic struggle (lotta): who would have his most emblematic canvas (tela) in the homes of the Stein family?  [images: the Steins’ collection in Rue de Fleurus and the house outside].