1980s – nuove icone della moda: i cantanti

The new music icons of the 1980s became models for fashionists (modaioli).  Both Michael Jackson and Madonna suggested many trends (tendenze) who were followed by teenagers and not only. The Thriller look was inspired by Jackson’s video and album Thriller. Teenagers started matching (abbinare) red/black leather pants (pantaloni di pelle) and jackets, one glove (guanto), sometimes fingerless (senza dita) gloves, sunglasses, and jheri curl (ricci che danno l’idea del bagnato).  Later World War II fighter (combattente) pilot jackets (giacche da pilota) became trendy: they were plain (semplici) brown aviator jackets . Women followed the example of Madonna. Her first look  – the Like a Virgin phase – was based on short, tulle skirts (gonne corte) worn (indossate) over leggings, necklaces (collane), rubber bracelets (braccialetti di rame), fishnet gloves (guanti a rete),  hair bows (capelli ondulati), long layered strings of beads (lunghe file di perline), or huge crucifix jewelry (crocefissi enormi), bleached, untidy hair with dark roots (capelli tinti, disordinati, con la radice scura), head bands (bandane), lace ribbons (fiocchi e nastri di pizzo) and boytoy belts (cnture da maschio). Black was the dominant colour. The lingerie (indumenti intimi) –brassieres in particular (reggiseni) – was worn as outerwear (come vestito). Once  a sign of social lack (mancanza) of elegance and ineptitude (incapacità), it  became an declaration of sexual freedom and a conscious rejection (rifiuto) of prevailing androgynous fashions (moda androgina prevalente).