i jeans sono una moda

In the 1980s denim (stoffa dei jeans) became popular not only among young people. In the first decades cut-off (tagliuzzati) denim jackets, tight worn-out (stretti e strausati) jeans were very trendy. Teenagers wore them with a favourite metal bands logo (il logo del gruppo metal preferito) painted on them. In the last decades acid-washed jeans and denim jackets became popular with both sexes. Denims were acid washed with bleach (conegrina): this washing forced  the dye (tinta) to fade (svanire). This fashion was very popular among fans and components of glam (abbr. di glamorous: stile musicale di successo) and  metal music acts (atti adatti a gruppi musicali metal) such as  Tattooing (tatuaggi) and piercing began to enter the conventional fashion.