la crudeltà e la guerra

Another very  remarkable example of the theatre of cruelty  is Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance written by John Arden in 1959.  The story pivots around (ruota intorno) four soldiers who arrive in a small mining town (città mineraria)  in the North of England having deserted a colonial war (dopo aver disertato  una guerra colonial). Led by Musgrave they intend to warn (metter in guardia) the credulous locals about the war traumatized by atrocities witnessed (che hanno visto di persona) and encourage them not to sign up (firmare per andare in guerra).  But violence burst in the snowbound town (città tagliata fuori dalla neve). Arden utilizes various dramatic techniques to emphasize the time and place of the action as well as(come pure ) develop characters. The most prominent of these are songs, poetic verse, and dances and many of the main characters sing folk-type songs and recite verse.