tutti paracadutisti, giorno e notte

 In the late 1980s another trend (tendenza) began – still fashionable (in voga) nowadays: the parachute pants (pantaloni da paracadutista). These pants are made of  nylon. At first they were quite tight- fitting (stretti): they were used by break dancers who needed pants that did not suffer from the  mistreatment (maltrattamenti) of break dancing. They had also many zippers (cerniere) . Then they became looser (più ampi):  voluminous along the leg and narrow (stretti) at the ankles (caviglia). These pants are popularized (resi noti) by hip-hop performers (ballerini): the fabrics (tessuti) are light and baggy (senza forma),  sometimes printed (stampati) with complex, colourful designs and folds (pieghe); they follow (seguono) the rhythm of the dancers’ moves (movimenti) allowing (permettendo) comfort and mobility.