niente sesso, siamo inglesi

Noël Coward  (1899–1973) English playwright, song writer, actor, attended (frequentò) a dance academy in London as a child, and, as a teenager,  he was introduced into the high society, setting (luogo) for most of his plays. Brilliant observer and satirist,  he got popularity for his wit that exposed the often-concealed (spesso nascoste) tensions and anxieties of the dominant society, especially in regard to sexual matters. At the outbreak (scoppio) of World War II, Coward ran (diresse) the British propaganda office in Paris and also worked with the Secret Service to persuade America to help Britain. His plays are still a source (fonte) of inspiration and are still produced. Coward never publicly admitted his homosexuality, but it was revealed  in his biography by Graham Payn, his partner, and in Coward’s diaries and letters, published posthumously (postume). In 2006 a theatre in London was entitled to him.